UGG Boots Care Instructions

Your UGG Boots are made from genuine Australian Sheepskin, which is naturally resistant to small amounts of water. When splashed with small amounts of water, they will bead off and dry quickly. Sheepskin is a delicate natural material and it is not indestructible. The best thing about genuine sheepskin UGG Boots is they are breathable and hence would not make your feet sweat (this will vary from person to person). Proper care and maintenance will help prolong the lifespan of your UGG Boots.


Do's and Don'ts


  1. Do have the correct fitment. Properly fitted UGG Boots should feel very snug on your feet when they are new. They will gradually stretch as you wear them. Your toes should not feel like they are getting crushed.
  2. Do spray your boots with a waterproof spray and reapply every few months when the effects wears off. The waterproof spray will further protect your boots from water stains and dirt. We don't recommend the silicone waterproof spray as that is designed more for heavy duty materials.
  3. Do clean your boots regularly. Wet the whole boot with cold water and clean with wool wash. Wetting the whole boot will reduce the chance of uneven drying which leads to water marks/stains. Dry your freshly cleaned boots in the shade away from the sun. Stuffing them with paper will help keep the shape of your boots when drying. Finish off by brushing in one direction with a soft suede or nubuck brush. There will be some shrinking after washing and drying, but it will be back to normal again after a few wears.
  4. Do air dry your boots regularly in the shade away from the sun. This should remove any funky smell.


  1. Don't expose your boots to any kind of heat source. This could range from standing too close to the campfire, sitting too close in front of a heater/fireplace, leaving it under the sun or even leaving it in a hot car for prolonged periods of time. This will cause the materials used to degrade extremely quick, which in turn cause a early failure of your boots.
  2. Don't throw your boots into a washing machine or dryer. Cleaning routine is outlined in Point 3 above.
  3. Don't treat your UGG Boots as hiking boots. Constant exposure to harsh terrain will speed up wear and tear of your UGG Boots.
  4. Don't expose your boots to the weather elements. 


If you have doubts or are unsure of anything, feel free to reach out to us and we will help as much as we can!

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